I certainly hope friends of mine whose weddings I'll be attending in the near future don't take this the wrong way...but I'm not a big fan of ATTENDING them.

Of course, I will and with a smile on my face to celebrate with them--and it WILL be a blast--but, no, in all honesty, I wouldn't put them at the top of my list.

And, actually, I've only ever been a member of ONE wedding. Maybe they took one look at me and thought, "We'll never find a tux to fit THAT guy." I don't know. Anyway, the wedding was my sister's in 1983. Soon after, I walked around and lit the candles at ANOTHER friend's wedding, because whoever was supposed to do that forgot.

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I almost burned a sleeve, as a matter of fact, but that's on me and the really DUMB way I decided to fire up one of the candelabras.

But I can honestly tell you that if I ever attended a wedding like the one below, I would never forget it. First of all, everyone is super casual--JEANS AT A WEDDING. And that really speaks to me. More than that, though, look who the "flower girl" is:

Jeremy Caudill of Danville made for quite an entertaining presence as he walked down the aisle spreading cheer and rose pedals.

I can't find much else about this wedding, in terms of how Jeremy is related to the bride or groom, but he was clearly a major highlight. And his wife says that it's become a new tradition, which is hilarious.

Of course, as entertaining as this was, you mustn't upstage the bride and groom. Then again, something tells me neither one of them cared.

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