The street running from N. Main St. into Garvin Park now has a new name, which means that Bosse Field now has a new address!  Yesterday, the parks board resolution declared that Bosse Field's official address is now 23 Don Mattingly Way, which was Don's number on his New York Yankees uniform.  Garvin Park's address has formerly changed, as well, to 45 Don Mattingly Way.

You may remember that Don began playing baseball at Garvin Park as a youth.  He was also on the Memorial baseball team and played several games at Bosse Field.  In 1978 and 1979 the Memorial Tigers won state championships. Don made the New York Yankees roster, playing with them for fourteen seasons.  He also appeared in six All-Star Games and was the Most Valuable Player in 1985 for the American League.  Now he's managing the Los Angeles Dodgers, which made the National League Championships this year.

(Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
(Al Bello/Getty Images)