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Coming Home
A month ago I wrote a blog about the name change coming for the street running from N. Main St. into Garvin Park.  Bosse Field's official address changes, too.  Bosse Field is now located at 23 Don Mattingly Way.  That was the number on Don's New York Yankees uniform.  Additionally, Garvin Park's address is now 45 Don Mattingly Way.  This Saturday, Don Mattingly himself will be in Evansville for t
Bosse Field in Evansville Has New Address: 23 Don Mattingly Way
The street running from N. Main St. into Garvin Park now has a new name, which means that Bosse Field now has a new address!  Yesterday, the parks board resolution declared that Bosse Field's official address is now 23 Don Mattingly Way, which was Don's number on his New York Yankees uniform.  Garvin Park's address has formerly changed, as well, to 45 Don Mattingly Way.
Dad Drops Daughter in Attempt to Catch Foul Ball [VIDEO]
With a foul ball heading toward him, and his daughter in his arms, a man at a Los Angeles Dodger's game had to make a split-second choice He decided to drop his daughter and go for the catch. While this may have been a justifiable decision if he had been able to snag the ball, he dropped that, too. Luckily, the daughter was uninjured, and any abandonment issues can be worked out later in therap