Blake Shelton is coming to Evansville's Ford Center in March for the ‘Doing It To Country Songs’ Tour. I am not completely sure that title means what I think it means, but I really hope it does, just FYI.

People that know me know that I am a huge fan of Blake Shelton. While I generally don’t prefer country music, Blake Shelton captured my heart with his charm, good looks, and sharp wit during season one of the hit show, The Voice. If you’ve never read Blake Shelton’s tweets on Twitter, I highly recommend them. Twitter captures his less PC side, and it’s nothing short of awesome.

While Shelton boasts a multitude of positive attributes, his most impressive one (that we know of), is his voice. Certain Blake Shelton songs have actually been known to make women melt into the floor. By women, I mean one woman specifically, yours truly. Aside from his body melting abilities, Shelton seems to be your every day, regular guy, and country dream. What can I say other than, 'God Gave Us You'?

In short, save the date to see Blake Shelton himself, live on March 16th at 7:30pm CST at the Ford Center in Evansville! I’ll be there, in my cowgirl boots, melting into the floor. Just look for the puddle in the back! Additionally, in the event that Townsquare Media is looking for someone to interview Mr. Shelton, I am your woman! *Waves arms in air frantically, points both thumbs at self*

Don't miss it!

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