It's the Twilight Zone for millenials.


Black Mirror (4 Seasons/Netflix)

At midnight today, the 4th season of the critically acclaimed Black Mirror premiered which means I have a lot of binge watching to do. If you've never seen Black Mirror, imagine the worst possible things that technology could lead to and then imagine the most depressing outcome of that though. That is what Black Mirror is.

The show is an anthology with each episode being its own 50 minute mini-movie. The topics range from a society in which everyone can record everything through their eyes to a society where we have to constantly peddle on a bike to earn credits for things we don't need. A lot of the episodes have a twist at the end that always leaves you unsettled. I will say that the first episode is ery offputting and you might want to abandon the show there. Keep going, it does get better,

Black Mirror is one of my favorite things that Netflix has done. I like that you can watch one episode at a time and still get the whole story. If you want some more creepy in your life (and to feel the most depressed), definitely check this series out.


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