Seeing that it's almost October, no really, it's about time to start thinking about all the upcoming holidays. Yes, this includes Christmas and all the decorating that goes along with it. If you are a Daviess County native and/or resident, check out the newest ornament.

Owensboro institution and drive-in the Big Dipper is the 2021 landmark ornament from the Imagination Library of Daviess County collection. And get this, this year's pewter ornament can also be purchased as a magnet.

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So how do you get one? The Willow Tree in Owensboro is selling the new ornament now. All ornament purchases help support the Imagination Library of Daviess County.

Previous landmark ornaments include:

Gabe's Tower 2020

First Presbyterian Church 2019

St. Joe and Paul Catholic Church 2018

Saint Stephen's Cathedral 2017

Settle Memorial United Methodist Church 2016

Cary Glover Memorial Bridge 2016

Executive Inn Rivermont 2015

First Baptist Church 2014

First Christian Church 2013

New Smother's Park 2012

Riverpark Center 2011

TWO's Trinity Center 2009

Longfellow School 2008

Campbell Club 2007

United Station 2006

World's Largest Sassafras Tree 2005

Old Smother's Park 2004

You can also purchase the ornaments by contacting Diane Bowers at (270) 316-3612 or by email


The Ten Commandments of the Big Dipper

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