Sometimes finding Mr. or Mrs. Right (or right now) can be daunting task. The good thing about Evansville is that there are number of places to consider going to meet singles. After the jump you'll be able to check out our top five (in no particular order) of the the best places to meet singles here in Evansville.

The District at Casino Aztar


With three bars (four if you include Hoosiers Lounge in the boat concourse) to choose from you'll be sure to find all kinds of people out and about on weeknights and weekends. From the cool atmosphere of Blush, the raucous honkey-tonk of Stoney's and my favorite chill spot RiRa Irish Pub, The District has a little bit something to please almost everybody.

Fast Eddy's

Fast Eddy's

Not officially part of The District but still in the same area is Fast Eddy's. This favorite among college students always has something going on including Thong Thursdays.  Plus, Fast Eddy's has won awards for being the "Best Singles Hangout." Also, if you're college student Fast Eddy's usually runs specials such as waving the price of admission if you show your college ID.

Athletic Events (College Basketball, Roller Derby Baseball)

Evansville Aces

If ladies were to learn one thing about men, its that they all pretty much love at least one sport. Guys have plenty of sporting events to choose from in Evansville such as two college basketball teams (USI and UE), two Roller Derby teams (DCRD and ROSI) , minor league baseball (Otters) and a minor league hockey team to boot (Icemen). Evansville may not be a sports mecca but it does offer plenty. They not be the most romantic of places to meet someone but you'll find passionate people (at least passionate about the teams) at any one of these places.

Evansville Freedom Festival (sponsored by Hadi ShrinerFest)

The Freedom Festival is another one of the yearly events that Evansville residents frequent. People of all ages make the trek downtown for the event and for good reason. This year (and in year's past) the Blue Angels flying team will provide aerial entertainment along with a number of other fighter planes. Plus, other items at the festival include food, beer, bands, and a Mark Harvey Sock Hop. Like I mentioned earlier, people of all ages attend the fest and plenty of singles come out for a good time as well.

West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

Fall Fest

Held every year on Evanvsille's west side (that's a given) on Franklin St., the "Fall Fest" is one of the largest street festivals in the USA. Because of its sheer size, thousands of people from throughout the Tr-State descend upon Franklin St. for good and good times. Of  the thousands of people who attend the fest, there's plenty of singles out there, you just have to look. Plus, if you do strike up a conversation with a potential mate, you can then enjoy a great first date of activity while there called "Mullet Hunting." Not officially part of each year's event, Mullet Hunting is just one of those things that Fall Fest attendees have grown to love.

So, what do you think? Did we miss your favorite singles spot? Let us know!

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