I have been writing Top Fives for KISSFM for six months, and I feel pretty lucky they continue to find my writing entertaining enough to publish for your enjoyment.  I normally would pick a Top Five in which I could use accompanying videos, but I wanted to try one that relied solely on my writing. So if you are reading this, that is the first step in saying it was well received.

We all have those things we enjoy that make up who we are inside and out. It’s what we want to be and how we want to be seen by others. Do you sing along to songs, singing the correct lyrics, or make up your own as you go? I do it in the car, shower, or anywhere. You might even catch me dancing through Wal-Mart from time to time. For you, here are the top five things I truly enjoy doing that makes me a happy Steve.

5. Writing – I have found in the last few years I love to write, and apparently have the imagination to do. It is a bonus when I know someone has enjoyed my writing. If you have laughed at me or taken something I have said to heart, then you have taken a piece of me with you, and I love the thought. I have even written a children’s book, but still working on how to go about getting it Illustrated and published as an actual book.

4. Preparing and/or enjoying a good meal - That food that smells so good you can taste it, and it tastes so good, you can feel it.  You’re not just eating it, but experiencing it. Homemade BBQ ribs and lasagna are two of my specialities. I learned a long time ago that I’m no Burt Reynolds, so I knew I needed to learn to cook and be great at it. I have to say the smile on a woman's face when they are enjoying my food says it all. That moment is priceless!

3. Sexy time - Speaking of women, I love sex! (Caution kids!  You should be in loving relationship and always use protection when having sex.) That intimate feeling of passion and the complete trust from your partner in their most vulnerable state is uncomparable. Rough, slow, fast, long, WHEW, sorry, I need a moment here! When it comes to sex, I have no pride, I'll take what I can get and all that I can.  I ain’t too proud to beg.

2. A real talk - From the first time I had a coherent thought, I have enjoyed talking. Whether I or the other party has a problem, or if we just happen to be in the mood to discuss all the things that really matter, it is the best way to state exactly how we feel. I will always remember the best talks I have had are a solid piece of me now. I have, at times, given up sleep, food, and even sex to have a great conversation. If you truly put yourself out there and open up to someone, it can be more intimate than sex. Always be careful with the words someone share with you as they are precious and can be very fragile.

1. Surprising and/or making others smile - Hands down, there is nothing I enjoy more than doing for and giving to others. This is truly the core of who I am. The feeling I get from surprising another person with a gift, favor, spoken/written word or just being there for them when they would never expect it, is indescribable. As for me, personally, I can't imagine anything feeling better. If I have it, I have it to give. Even if you get a smile just from reading my top fives I hope to feel that joy too!

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