My name is Ally Tismekles and I am the new intern. Businesses everywhere romance the thought of having interns. We work for free and, rumored from some friends of mine,  get the short end of the stick when it comes to what type of work we are assigned. As the new intern, I welcome all stereotypical intern things! It is all part of the fun. I am a student of Indiana University studying Journalism and Spanish. It seems like it is going to be an awesome summer just from the looks of it.

I grew up in Santa Claus, Indiana. The place consisting of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, a gas station, and a bunch of Santa Claus statues. I graduated from Heritage Hills High School and played soccer and basketball. I am basically your average twenty-year-old girl with an obsession for all things Marvel. And Zac Efron.

Here, I plan to learn as much as possible! I look forward to what this summer has to bring. Even though I welcome all stereotypical intern "things," I know they'll be nice. Or at least I hope they will be.


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