So I mentioned before about Magic, the Gathering well there is a new game type that I hadn't mentioned before. The is Commander. Commander use to be called Elder Dragon Highlander and was created by Magic fans. It became so popular that Wizards of the Cost decided to make it a legit game type and came out with their own pre-made commander decks.

So the premise is this you have a deck of 100 cards and you cannot have multiples other than basic land. So you only have one of each spell. One of those cards is your Commander. The Commander has to be a Legendary creature meaning that it has a special name. The Commander stays in the command zone and can be played anytime you want of course you have to pay for the spell. The catch is though if the commander dies, in order to play them again you must pay an additional 2 mana along with the original mana cost. So if your commander costs three, then when it dies, to play it again you will have to pay 5 and then 7 and so on.

Any time something happens to the commander you may put it back into the Command zone. That means if it dies, exiled, or whatever you can choose to put it back but you don't have to. The last rule is that your deck must be the same colors as your commander. So if your commander only taps for green then your deck can only have green cards and colorless can go into any deck.

Commander allows for a longer more epic duel of wizards especially since you play with 40 life. However if your commander deals 26 damage to your life you lose that way.

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