The credit card exclusively for mobile users is here and I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

In my household, we have one credit card. I used to have tons of credit cards and it caught up with me. Thankfully I paid them off and have managed to be debt free for several years now. My husband is very much the opposite. He says "if we don't have cash, we can't afford it." Clearly we have a mortgage but other than that he likes to steer us in the direction of no debt. Which I am grateful for because I know how careless I can be. When I heard about Apple launching their own credit card for the iPhone, I was super excite but won't be participating. I think it's a great idea and really can be beneficial.

According to Billboard, "Some iPhone users who requested a notification about Apple Card will get invites Tuesday to apply through Apple's Wallet app." Apple plans to expand sign-ups in the coming weeks. The official announcement was made in March in partnership with Goldman Sachs but only available in the U.S.

The credit card is designed to be entirely mobile. Cardholders will be able to use the card in their wallet, check statements, and apply all via their phone. The credit card comes with the hopes of eliminating other fees that could be associated with other cards on file and users can expect decent cash back and other benefit options.

Another great attribute the credit card holds is that it will be useful for financials. Cardholders will have access to tools that help with managing their funds, spending habits, and more. Be on the look out if this is something you can benefit from!

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