Anderson Cooper has interviewed everyone -- Eminem, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Adele -- that's anyone in music. On last night's (Feb. 17) episode of 'Watch What Happens Live,' the interviewer of all interviewers, who also gets sit down time with major politicos, revealed why he is afraid of his friend Madge and how he got drunk with Ma Monster when he interviewed her!

That's some gig Coop has.

The Silver Fox revealed, "Madonna is a hard interview, since I have interviewed her so many times, so you want to try to do something that's not going to bore her. And she will tell you if you are boring her. She'll be like 'That was a really stupid question' and you're like, 'I know, but I am nervous.'"

OMG, we can't even imagine Cooper being nervous, but then again, Her Madgesty does inspire fear sometimes.

He also revealed how Gaga got him good and liquored up. "I did an interview with Lady Gaga and she insisted that we do it at a bar and that we drink Jameson," he recalled. "And I don't drink and I drank this glass of Jameson, which I never had before, and I had to stop the interview halfway through because I was drunk. I had no idea what I was asking her."

You know what this all means, right? That it's the Silver Fox who can broker peace between Madonna and Gaga, who famously don't like each other.

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