Mariah Carey is currently putting the finishing, perfecting touches on her new album and she even revealed two very major guest features!

The singer's twins, Monroe and Moroccan, who will be three at the end of the month, appear on Mommy's new album! They are superstars in training, especially little Monroe. With Mimi as her mom, she has got to be a mini-me and a mini-diva. Like, hello! How could she not be?!

"I wrote a song for them on this album, and it's called 'Supernatural,' and dem babies are on the song," Mimi told ET, during an interview that supposed to start at 7PM, but which Carey did not arrive to until after midnight!

She continued, "And they were singing this when they were just two. Mainly, it's Ms. Monroe singing, and Roc is on there. You'll hear it, I can't give it away. She is actually singing though."

Motherhood agrees with Mimi, who at first thought that she would not become a mommy. But then Roc and Roe came along and it has made all the difference for her.

"I never thought I was going to have kids," the diva admitted. "I remember being a little girl and being like, 'I don't want to have babies when I grow up.' And for a while, I was probably convinced of that, and then I just realized that things change. They give me reason to live."

Aw, that's presh. Dem Babies'll do that to ya!

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