The world can't stop talking about 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' especially after we got to witness that smokin' first full trailer. And luckily for us, the film's stars -- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan -- recently dished to TODAY about filming the movie's infamous sex scenes.

As it turns out, the reality of filming may not be as sexy as it comes across onscreen.

"The reality of it is like, burly men you don't know very well three feet from your face -- which isn't how you usually have sex," Dornan explained, laughing. "Me, anyway."

"I do," Johnson joked. "A lot."

"It's more about what our bodies look like visually and what we're doing, though it's more of like a dance," she continued. "It's like acrobatics."

"Sexual acrobatics," Dornan agreed, nodding.

When asked if he was similar to his character Christian Grey, Dornan left a little to the imagination.

"There's always something about every character you're drawn to because it relates to something in you," he humbly replied.

Watch Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan talk 'Fifty Shades' in the video above.

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