12-year-olds generally aren't passionate about much outside of video games, or sports, but for 12-year-old Evansville resident, Haley Mattes, her passion lies in the kitchen, and her love of cooking. It's a passion that will be on display to a nationwide audience during the season premiere of Chopped Junior on Food Network Tuesday night.

Haley's love of cooking began at the young(er) age of two when she would try to assist her mom, Amy in the kitchen. As she got older, and the family began to watch more and more Food Network shows, Haley's passion only intensified, and soon she began experimenting in the kitchen using tips and tricks she had picked up watching the pros on TV.

As time went on, her mom realized the food she was preparing was good. Really good. So when she saw online Food Network was seeking video submissions for the upcoming season of Chopped Junior, she threw Haley's hat in the ring, or pot, or oven.

After a series of requests by the Network to send in video of Haley preparing dishes in the family kitchen, word came down in December that they liked what they saw, and Haley had mad the cut.

Haley stopped by the studio last Friday to discuss the process of shooting the show.

Haley's episode of Chopped Junior airs Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Central on Food Network.

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