If you love True Crime, you'll love this parody!


One of Netflix's latest original shows, American Vandal, is a lot of things. It's a parody of true crime dramas like Making a Murderer and Serial, it's a comedy that stands on its own, and, towards the end of the series, deals with some very real issues of classism. And all of these aspects are what make the show great.

The show's premise is ridiculous: someone drew penises on 27 different cars in the faculty parking lot. Notorious penis-drawer Dylan has the crime pinned on him. In order to exonerate him, his classmates from the school news produce a documentary investigating the case.

What makes the show so funny is how seriously they take everything. They never do any wink-wink stuff to the audience that lets them know it's a TV show. It's played straight and they makes the show really work. Even though the premise is super dumb, the show is smart enough to make it work.

This is one of the best things Netflix has put out and should be watched be everyone who's mature (or immature) enough to enjoy it. Just be forewarned: You may not look at squishy toilet seats the same afterwards.

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