A picture has been going around the internet, and it's the kind of picture that when you see it, it completely melts your heart.  It's of a New York cop kneeling down to give boots to a homeless man.  After the image went viral and the story got around 25-year-old New York City Police Officer Lawrence “Larry” DePrimo explains the full story.

Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster

It was a freezing cold New York night when officer DePrimo heard some people taunting an elderly homeless gentlemen for not having shoes.  Officer DePrimo went over and asked the man why he didn't have footwear, the man simply responded “It’s OK. I’ve never had a pair of shoes, but God bless you."  The Officer was so touched by this mans response and the fact that even though this man didn't have shoes he said "God bless you" to the officer.  He knew he had to help the man out.

Nearby there was a Sketchers store, and Officer Deprimo went in and told the employees what had happened, and that he wanted to purchase a pair of warm boots that would last the man all winter, and that he didn't care about the cost.  The Sketchers employees helped out by giving the Officer the 50% employee discount, and he purchased the man a $100 pair of boots.

Luckily on the same day Jennifer Foster, a tourist from Arizona happened to be at the right place at the right time and captured the touching moment.

Watch the Press Confrence Officer DePrimo held, and try not to tear up.  There definitely need to be more people like Officer DePrimo in the world.

And to any Law Enforcement, Fire Department, or EMS, I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do for the community.


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