New York

Owensboro Family Epic Elf Picture Remakes
Jill & Amber Thompson got to mark one or maybe two items off their bucket list last week when they visited New York. Jill is a huge "Buddy the Elf" the movie fan so she decided to dress up like Buddy the Elf and remake some of his famous scenes. #SONOFANUCKCRACKER!
A New York Cop Buys a Homeless Man Boots for the Winter
A picture has been going around the internet, and it's the kind of picture that when you see it, it completely melts your heart.  It's of a New York cop kneeling down to give boots to a homeless man.  After the image went viral and the story got around 25-year-old New York City P…
Ukulele Solo On The New York Subway [VIDEO]
I love music. I've always loved music. I think that if I were riding the subway and someone broke out into song while playing their ukulele, I'd be mesmerized. Or I'd at least giggle a little to myself. This chick is actually really pretty good...
Female Passenger Bares All Mid-Flight
The airline industry has been trying to figure out ways to get people to fly more often. While this wasn't planned, I think there's a good idea in here some where.
Passengers on a Delta flight from Chicago to New York were highly entertained last Saturday after a woman stripped naked while …