What's Your #ShoeLifeSpan?
This morning, it was a little nippy out so I opted to bypass the sandals and flip-flops for a pair of silver ballet flats that I have had for about six years now. I am really hoping they don't fall apart on me - I do have quite a few shoes that I love but I carry and extra pair of shoes with me because you never know when they are going to go kaput...
A New York Cop Buys a Homeless Man Boots for the Winter
A picture has been going around the internet, and it's the kind of picture that when you see it, it completely melts your heart.  It's of a New York cop kneeling down to give boots to a homeless man.  After the image went viral and the story got around 25-year-old New York City Police Officer Lawrence “Larry” DePrimo explains the full story.