The program allows the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville to provide shoes for those in need between the months of December and May.

For seven years, the annual Payless Gives Shoes 4 Kids Program through Payless Shoes has given away millions of dollars worth of kids shoes to underprivileged families who can't afford to provide them. Having two young children of my own, I know first hand how frequently kids feet grow, increasing the need for new shoes throughout the year.

The program hopes to give more than $1.5 million in free shoes to those who need them. As a partner in the program, the Boys & Girls Club will be able to provide that need to families right here in Evansville.

Shoes will be given in the form of merchandise certificates that can be exchanged at any Payless Shoe store in Evansville. If you or someone you know could benefit from the program, contact Shanna Scheessele with the Boys & Girls Club at 812-425-2311 for details.

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