Every year new fads emerge that the general public may or may not find trendy. This year's trends are no different. So here are eight of the trendiest trends of 2017. You decide if they're trend worthy or just silly!

1) Wild Hair Colors
The summer of 2017 is all about wild hair colors. From dark gray to hot pink, no color is out of the question. People are even dying their hair white! A hot local color is what has been named 'icy blonde'.

2) Nose Rings
Nose piercings have been around for quite some time. However, their popularity has surged over the last year and into the summer of 2017. Regular nose rings and the more recently popular septum piercing are the hottest body decorations of the year.

3) Instagram Filters
In order to compete with their biggest competitor, Instagram added filters last month! Snapchat, Instagram's main competition, has been using these types of filters for years. Now that Instagram has filters, many people are anxious to see what happens to Snapchat. Regardless, Instagram story filters are the hottest new social media experience of the summer.

4) Glitter Booty
This one is a bit bizarre. Aside from the recent trend of big booty, glitter booty is now a thing. There's nothing more to say other than it is exactly what it sounds like.

5) High Long Ponytails
Made popular recently by Ariana Grande, the high long ponytail is definitely on the list of big trends for 2017. Check out the DIY tutorial for a High Long Pony below!

6) Male Rompers
Rompers are the biggest new wave of trendy fashion in 2017. The weirdest thing is, rompers have been popular for a while for women, but now they're becoming quite popular with men. The 'RompHim' is a romper made strictly for men. Some people are claiming the new trend is innovative while others find it absolutely ridiculous. Trendy or silly? You decide!

7) Reclaimed Rustic Wood Decor
As far as home decor is concerned, rustic wood is in! Reclaimed wood pieces varying from furniture to signs to even flooring is very popular right now.

8) Wellness
Wellness is making a huge impact on society right now in many ways. The concept of wellness has evolved recently, including adding yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and many other aspects into the mix of overall wellness. Full body, mind, and spirit wellness popularity is soaring across the United States and is continuing to gain popularity throughout 2017.

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