Photo Credit: EPD
Photo Credit: EPD

The Evansville Police Department is once again making a HUGE difference in the lives of some deserving kids! Every year, the EPD's Cops Connecting with Kids Programs selects children who have excelled in school and contributed to the community, a chance to take a trip to Disney. This year was one of the best ever!

My middle son, Jr. was one of the first children selected to go 5 years ago with only a handful of student being lucky enough to be chosen. This year, they've taken over 50 children thanks to the generosity of the entire community.

In an interview with WFIE, Evansville Police Officer Sgt. Jason Cullum recalls, "the first year we did it ... it was surreal that we were able to raise money and take kids to Disney and now we’re here five years later getting ready to go to an airport and put 56 kids on a plane."

Another fun upgrade to this year's trip is getting to FLY to Orlando instead of having to ride a bus! Some of the children have never been outside of the Tri-state let alone flying on an airplane, so this will definitely been an experience of a lifetime for them.


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