One lucky lady just got the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to our friends at 517 Fitness

A little while back, our friend Amanda stopped by to tell us about an exciting new addition coming to 517 Fitness - Project 365. They were looking for one motivated individual who wanted and deserved a major lifestyle change. She told us 517 wanted to sponsor that for an entire year in an effort to help them reach their goals. That included a one-year gym membership, supplements, 517 Fitness apparel, weekly personal training sessions, progress pictures, and nutrition advice...ALL FOR FREE!

Tons of people jumped on this incredible opportunity, but one lucky person was named the winner of Project 365. Meet Katie Blaszczyk!


Katie heard Amanda talking about Project 365 on The Rob's Radio Show with Maddie West and took it as a sign that she had been looking for.

According to Katie's Project 365 application, she has been struggling with weight and unhealthy habits her entire life. She is only 29 years old and already on blood pressure medication, which can be reversed with a healthier lifestyle. Katie is currently going to school to become a nurse, and wants patients to look at her as an inspiration for health and wellness.

Katie has hit milestones on her own recently, which will only help her progress during her Project 365 journey. She quit smoking in Oct. 2017 and cut sodas out of her diet completely. That right there is something to be proud of!

Katie, we are all cheering for you! We cannot wait to follow you along this journey with 517 Fitness. You are in great hands!

As for the rest of the Project 365 applicants, 517 Fitness is providing each of them with a free one-month membership to help them jump-start their journey to a healthier life. Everyone wins!

If you haven't checked out 517 Fitness, do it! They're located on Weinbach Ave, right across from Turonis. They have a huge weight floor selection, every machine you can think of, and exciting classes offered weekly. I'm going to try the 'Kickboxing with Cooper' class once I have the baby and I cannot wait! Speaking of babies, they also have a daycare where your little one can play while you get your sweat there's literally NO EXCUSE not to go!

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