Valentine's Day is a few days away so let's get through it.


Valentine's Day is Wednesday, meaning singles everywhere will be reduced to puddles of tears as they wonder why nobody loves them on the one day where someone is supposed to love them. Instead of being a tear-puddle of sadness, here's some ways to survive!

1. Don't Stalk Your Exes

Martin Novak

On the day of love, you might be wondering what your exes are doing without you. Don't look them up online. The only thing you're going to want to see is them being sad without you but that never happens. We have a tendency to make our lives look super fun and awesome on social media meaning you'll see your ex having a great time on a trip or spending V-Day with their new person. Even if they aren't happy, nobody is allowed to be sad on social media so you'll always see a skewed version of how life actually is.

2. Don't Resort to a Random Hook-Up


You're lonely and another warm body is just a swipe away, what could go wrong? A whole lot! Now, I'm not one to preach against random hook-ups or one night stands, but you have to be in the right mindset for those to be healthy outlets. If you are hooking-up just to not feel as lonely on Valentine's Day, chances are, those aren't healthy reasons. If you go into a hook-up half-cocked and emotional, lots of things could go wrong. Just remember this: loneliness is temporary, but herpes is forever.

3. Watch Predator

Too many times, people make the mistake of watching some sort of romantic garbage that only reminds them how single they are. The only thing romantic about Predator is the love between Arnold Schwarzenegger and bad puns. You won't have time to be sad as Arnold and company hunt down a Predator with every gun in existence. If you're still sad after watching this, restart the movie until sadness goes away (and you can quote every line).

4: Think of All the Money You're Saving


Valentine's Day can get expensive. Between fancy dinners, flowers, movie tickets, and lingerie you bought your lady (or kinky gentleman) as a gift, it all adds up. If you don't end your Valentine's date deeply in debt, I think your significant other can legally leave you. You don't have to worry about that, though. You're single and get to enjoy all the money you have. Order yourself a pizza and buy something you don't need on Amazon. You'll thank yourself for the gift to yourself a few days later.

5. Remind Yourself It Won't Be This Way Forever


This is hard to implement but it's the best advice. Just because you are single this year, doesn't mean it's always going to be this way. Ultimately, it's just one day out of the year where we put way too much emphasis on relationships. You'll be fine. And look at it this way: being single at least means that you aren't spending the day with the wrong person. That's far worse than an infinite number of single V-Day's. Enjoy this time and get to know yourself.

If you follow the guidelines above, your day won't be as bad. Consider spending the day with friends instead. Friends tend to be more fun anyway. You got this.

Happy Valentine's Day!