Having trouble finding things to do for a date night or Saturday day date? Many people have this issue because they are so ingrained in doing the same old thing every single weekend. Well, not today! Here are 5 unique dates that guarantee an awesome time in Evansville:

1) Gaming it up at High Score Saloon or Secret Headquarters.
If you and your date are game fanatics then these two places are for you. Both Secret Headquarters and High Score Saloon offer vintage arcade games (and more) that will touch every game lovers heart. From Mario to Pac-man, they've got you covered. Even if you or your date aren't huge game people, these locations are still fun places to get to know one another while having a fun time doing so. Note: You must be 21 to enter High Score Saloon as it is a bar arcade.

2) Have a leisurely stroll through nature.
From Howell Wetlands to Burdette Park there are always beautiful nature trails to walk in Evansville. I don't suggest this if the date will be at night of course, but even at sunset, these places can have a stunning view and romantic stillness that you just can't quite capture anywhere else.

3) Get your fine arts and cultures fix.
Many people still don't know about lovely fine arts gems such as the Rumjahn Gallery and Framery, Gamut Gallery, or StaC Art Gallery. Take your date to one of these exquisite art galleries or take her to all of them! If art isn't your thing, then maybe it would be prudent instead to check out the beautiful and informative Evansville African American Museum. Art and culture both make for great intellectual conversation.

4) Have a little fun getting to know each other by working as a team.
Ever wonder how well you and a new date might get along in a teamwork situation? Look no further! Room escape games are the perfect way to see how you and your date fair under a little bit of pressure. Of course, this is all just a game so it's all in good fun, right? Work together to beat the clock while having some laughs to escape your room at Escape Evansville!

5) Get to know your metal side.
No, I'm not talking about heavy metal. I'm talking about touring the LST or the one and only Dream Car Museum! Both offer extensive and impressive takes on heavy, fine-tuned machinery. The LST has guided tours which include a comprehensive dive into history, while the Dream Car Museum offers an astounding variety of show vehicles which car enthusiasts might label as perfection.

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