Fear within itself is a silly concept. However, that doesn't keep us from feeling it. It's even worse when logically you know that the fear is completely irrational. Don't fret though because at least we all have these irrational fears crop up every once in a while. To make you and I both feel better, here's a list of 5 incredibly common irrational fears that most people have:

1) An elevator falling
We've all been there - we step into the elevator, press the button, the doors close, and as the elevator slowly moves in the direction we need it to go it makes a noise. Right then and there we are briefly stricken with terror. Is the elevator going to get stuck? Are the cables going to snap? Then within a fraction of a second, we're screaming "LET ME OUT!" - or is that just me?

2) Driving across a bridge and thinking it's going to fall
Every time I drive over the twin bridges, especially during construction, I see my life flash before my eyes. My mind likes to take these irrational fears and run with them, so before I'm even off of the bridge I've already imagined the bridge falling, the car falling, me attempting to push the door open against the river current, and attempting to not drown as my vehicle slowly starts sinking into the abyss. Did I mention that I also suffer from a few anxiety disorders? I'm sure this would never happen (as my brain thinks, "but it might").

3) Getting into a plane crash
Hitting just the least bit of turbulence in the air sends our minds reeling - is this it? Is this finally the one time where it isn't just turbulence and the plane is going down, crashing and becoming a pile of flaming debris? Statistically, we all know plane travel is one of the safest modes of travel available, but do our brains understand this? The answer is no.

4) Spiders
Ron Weasley isn't the only person deathly afraid of spiders. In fact, tons of people have arachnophobia. Our brains are actually hardwired to be creeped out by spiders. The thing is, a spider (most of the time) is about an inch in diameter or less, thus there's no reason to be terrified of them but we absolutely are.

5) Someone standing outside of the shower curtain
This could arguably be the silliest fear on the list, but nonetheless, it doesn't make it any less real. There's nothing better than taking a hot shower after a long day unless of course, you think someone is lurking on the other side of the curtain. Fictitious serial murderers derived from our own imaginations tend to put a damper on showering just a little bit.

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