Has your dog ever eaten just absolutely weird or gross stuff? My dog certainly has and I'm hoping that he's not the only one. Here's a list of some of the weirdest things my dog has ever eaten starting at the number 5 spot working our way to the number one worst thing he has ever consumed!

5) A Corn Cob
Yes, my Golden Retriever has eaten an entire corn cob before. The reason that I know this is because my husband and I happened to be standing in the yard as the dog was going number two. Needless to say, it was more than awkward for all three of us.

4) Crayons
I don't know what it is that makes dogs think that crayons are food but both of our dogs will actually eat crayons from time to time if we're not watching them closely. Again, the way we found out initially was because we found some very colorful poo in our backyard. At least crayons are sort of food-like and make rainbow poop on the way out!

3) A plastic and rubber ball
One time I caught my dog chewing up this plastic and rubber light up ball that my toddler had. At first, I thought he had just chewed it up but too much of the ball was missing for him to not have eaten any. Guess how we confirmed that he had, in fact, eaten the ball? I'm sure you know by this point...

2) His own excrement
Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of dogs do this. My Golden Retriever is less likely to eat it than our terrier but still - it's just plain disgusting.

1) A paint roller with dried paint on it
Yes, this is a true story. So, my Golden Retriever was nosing around in the shed while my husband was mowing our grass. Little did my husband know that the dog would find our old paint supplies from where we had repainted the living room and eat it. I'm not talking about him just chewing it up a little, either. He had a used paint roller when my husband found him and he had chewed off the spongy, paint logged (dried by then) part almost completely and eaten it as he used the inner plastic roller as a chew toy. Thank goodness it didn't kill him, but what kind of a dog eats a paint roller? Really?

These are the little culprits right here! Meet Wes the Golden (he's mainly the one who eats everything) and Raleigh the (we think) Shih-Tzu and Jack Russell terrier mix!

Wes and Raleigh, a Golden Retriever and a terrier mix. Photo by Sunny Richardson.
Wes and Raleigh, a Golden Retriever and a terrier mix. Photo by Sunny Richardson.

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