It's a very Indiana story.

3 Elkhart County teens (near South Bend), 14-18, were participating in a police-monitored drunk driving simulator in the parking lot of the Elkhart County Police Station, when things went horribly wrong.

One of the teens was driving the converted golf cart with his two teenage passengers and a sheriff's deputy.  As is standard with this exercise, the teen was wearing "drunk goggles," a set of eyewear that is designed to give the user the experience and motor capabilities of an intoxicated person without actually consuming any alcohol.

The driver reportedly made a hard left, and jerked the wheel right to overcompensate for his faux-intoxicated error.  As the golf cart turned sharply, a gust of wind caught the cart and toppled the vehicle.  All four suffered injuries, including a 15-year old needing medivac assistance.  All are expected to be OK.

When I was in high school, I was able to participate in a drunk driving simulator, although the "drunk effects" were built into the car itself.  However, in November of 2011, while attending the Step it Up Bullpups program put on by the University of Evansville nursing seniors at Glenwood Leadership Academy, I was able to experience the drunk goggles while playing basketball with elementary school students.  I was amazed at how powerful the glasses work, and blamed my poor basketball performance on them, although it was also partly my terrible athletic skills.  Needless to say though, I can't imagine driving a car wearing those things...  I could barely walk!