It's the moment we've all been waiting for since last's the moment that signifies the official-unofficial beginning of summer - I'm talking about that moment when Holiday World & Splashin' Safari open their gates for another season. The 2022 season begins on Saturday, May 14th for Holiday World, and on Saturday, May 21st for Splashin' Safari. All season long, you're going to have a bunch of chances - every weekday, in fact - to win tickets to both parks.

What's New in '22?

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari are home to your favorite roller coasters, water coasters, slides, and other attractions, and they are always looking for the next cool experience. In 2022, the 'next' thing is Holidays in the Sky, a drone and fireworks spectacular. The show features 300 LED-lit drones that fly high to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Fourth of July. Guests can experience this unique show every night starting June 18th.

Holiday in the Sky - Santa

How to Win Holiday World Tickets

Do you have the KISS 106 app? Yes? Great, keep reading. No? No problem, take 30 seconds and go ahead and get it right now. I'll wait. You can download it here.

Turn on 'Exclusives' Notifications/Alerts

This step is just as important as downloading the app, because if you don't receive our alerts, then you won't be able to register, and if you can't register, then you can't win. Be on the lookout for notifications with your chance to register to win some tickets. Once you get the notification, follow the link and sign up. If you miss it, you can go back and look at the Alerts tab to find it.


Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Hours

Remember that Holiday World & Splashin' Safari are only open on the weekends for the first part of the season - they will be open every weekday starting on Monday, May 30th. They will occasionally have special days and/or special hours, so make sure you take a look at their calendar before planning a trip to Santa Claus.

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When it comes to purchasing your tickets, don't forget to pick your day for a chance to save some money - different days of the week mean different ticket prices. See what I'm talking about HERE.

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