The 1990s was filled with glorious products, many of which we have all forgotten, until now. Back in the day, you were expected to have certain things as a 90s kid to be considered cool. Here are 15 totally 90's things you had to have to be cool back in the 90's:

1) Starter Jackets
Starter jackets were symbolic of the 'it' boy in school. If you wore a starter jacket, you had a better chance of making that special girl your girlfriend. Ah, some things never change. (Just kidding, jeez!)

2) Lisa Frank
If you were a little girl in the 1990's you know how important it was to have everything Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank folders, trapper keeper, pens, pencils, stickers, erasers, art boxes, the whole works. Lisa Frank was everything. It was the artistic fashion expression of the 90's era girl.


3) Sony Discman
Before the iPod came the Discman (and before the Discman, the Walkman). Sony Discman's were expensive, and worth it. Portable music was a must and really always has been in our society, but the Sony Discman made it cool. Any CD you had, you could just pop into this baby with some headphones and walk around listening to tunes.

4) Goosebumps books
To not be scared and to be able to read Goosebumps made you a cool kid. Any kid that could stand the test of Goosebumps, could hang with any crowd. Nerves of steel are a virtue.


5) Milky Gel Pens
Gel pens were cool back in the 90's, but Milky pens were cooler. They were gel pens that were in milky pastel tones. Commonly used with black paper, milky pens were all the rage in the 90's and every girl had to have them.

6) A Beeper
This was more common among teens and young adults, but the beeper was the it thing, right before cell phones became more affordable. If you didn't have a pager, you were not part of the in crowd.

7) Butterfly Hair Clips
Butterfly hair clips were tiny, cute, neon, plastic butterflies that opened up at the bottom to become a hair clip. It made the illusion that the little butterflies were holding up your hair. Butterfly hair clips were so cool, especially after Sarah Michelle Gellar was seen wearing them!

8) Yomega Yo-Yo
Every kid in the late 90's had to have the YOMEGA brand yo-yo. Learning tricks on this thing was a must, and showing off your newest tricks and executing them flawlessly was totally necessity for being the coolest of the cool.

9) JNCO's
Boys in the 90's loved JNCO jeans. JNCO brand shorts and jeans were all the rage. Looking back, they actually looked like giant denim parachute pants that stayed open at the bottom. None the less, JNCO's were a huge hit among the male crowd.

10) Blonde Tips
Boys with blonde tips were the cutest back in the 90's. All the it boys had blonde tips, including all of the members of the most prominent 90's boy bands. Frosted tips were a must.

Lance Bass
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

11) Roller Blades
In-line roller skates became very hip in the 90's. Boys and girls alike loved them, and learning how to roller blade was vital. If you could blade, you could hang.

12) Lip Smackers
Ah, yes, Lip Smackers. Lip Smackers were essentially chap-sticks that came in tons of different varieties as far as packaging and unique flavors. Evidently, they're still around today, and make different containers and character based products too!

13) Crimped Hair
Having a hair crimper was a must back in the 90's. Crimping all of your hair, or just a portion of your hair was considered very attractive and super cool.

14) Wallets on Chains
Back in the 90's, men's wallets on metal chains became all the rage. Even boys would walk around with little wallets on chains. I never understood all the hype, but then again, I never owned a wallet attached to a chain.

15) Jelly Sandals
Jelly sandals were the end all be all. Well, not really, but they were to me. I loved jelly shoes! No matter where you were going or what you were doing, Jelly sandals had your back. Mine came to an unfortunate end when my dog thought they were fantastic too; as a chew toy. Man, I miss my jellies!



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