It's true, we aren't magical unicorns... we scratch, we sniff, we poop.

1. Scratch the Dandruff
Okay, so my head itches and I scratch it. Then I realize there's dandruff under my nails. What am I supposed to do, just leave it under there? NOPE! Scrape it out. Then you realize there's more of that dandruff on your head. You can't just leave it there! It's a Catch 22.

2. Eat Stuff That Falls Into Our Boob Cleavage
Women definitely do this, especially if it's something we really want to eat. If chocolate gets dropped in there, it is definitely getting fished out and eaten! Yum, boob food!

3. Don't Wash Our Hair
Sorry to break it to you guys, but we don't wash our hair everyday. Sometimes we don't even wash our hair every week. Say hello to dry shampoo!

4. Picking Off Everything
Dead lip skin is a temptation bigger than touching something with a big ol' 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign on it. It has to come off! The same goes for any crusty stuff on our bodies including dry skin, scabs, hang nails, mascara and old nail polish. Get it off!

5. Talk On The Phone During Twosies
Well, poop happens. So when it does, why not call your bestie during a poo? I mean, it's pretty lonely just sitting there with nothing to do. Might as well be productive and chat with a friend, right?

6. Examine the Toilet Bowl
Unfortunately, women have an innate curiousity to examine all of the gunk that comes out of the downstairs department, especially during that time of the month. Sometimes, you just have to know what's in the bowl...

7. Pulling Hair Out of the Butt-Crack
Anyone with long hair and a booty knows that it's a dangerous combination for trapping hair. The feeling of pulling it out as it slides and pulls is just as gross as having to reach in there to pull it out.

8. Sniff Ourselves
Yes, ladies have to know when they stink. We are obsessed with the stink. We don't want to stink, but if we do stink, we need to know ASAP so we can do something about it. Therefore, we consistently smell every place on our bodies that could potentially give off bad odors. EVERY. PLACE.

9. Peeing in the shower
Peeing in the shower actually kills two birds with one stone. By peeing in the shower, you're conserving water and toilet paper while getting rinsed clean all at the same time! No shame in the pee-shower game!

10. Check for Under-boob Sweat
Sweat. As I've covered in articles previous, it's everywhere. Women constantly struggle with under-boob sweat either creating a swampy area underneath or a wet bra that chaffes. So yeah, we sometimes wipe under our boobs and arms when nobody is looking to check for it and get rid of it.

11. Scrape Our Teeth
Women will take random objects or even a fingernail to dislodge plaque or food stuck in or on the teeth; especially if we have an important event that day and forgot to brush our teeth, or the event is right after lunch and we can't get to a tooth brush. It's not the most sanitary thing, but it helps our teeth look cleaner.

12. Smell Our Belly Buttons
Jam the finger in the belly button, pull out, and sniff. It is a hideous smell. Lots of women (and probably men too) do this. Why, I don't know. It's like a stinky scratch and sniff sticker that disgusts you but you can't stop sniffing!

13. Lady Part Farts
So, almost all women are familiar with letting out a toot and then the gas bubbles getting trapped inside various lady parts. On top of being uncomfortable when this occurs, it just feels downright gross! It feels like you're being betrayed and violated by your own body! It's just wrong! Why, oh why, must lady part farts exist?! UHG.

We might be gross sometimes, but when you're a lady, the struggle is real!

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