Last week, we went and picked up my daughter's second worksheet packet. We were informed that it needs to be completed by the first week of May. As a working mom, I need something that keeps her busy during the day so that I can complete my own work. We work best when we have a schedule and a list of tasks to complete.

Early in the game, we did a 30-minute schedule. Every 30 minutes, she'd change it up and do something different. It worked well for us but I've recently decided to go with a different approach to give her a little more flexibility during the day. I write down all of her assignments. She can complete them in any order and has as much time to complete the assignments as she needs but there's no TV or playtime at the end of the day until she gets them all done. Surprisingly, she gets all her work done pretty quickly.

But there will be lapse from the time she's done with her school work until summer camp starts (IF it starts on time). She still needs something to keep her mind entertained for a few hours a day. So, I went through and found some ideas of programs to enrich her mind and keep her busy! And BONUS - I don't have to stop every three minutes to help her, or gather materials, or read to her, or walk her through everything. Now, don't get me wrong - you must supervise children at all times - these are just things you can count on to be easy enough to get through that you aren't constantly needed.

10 Virtual Lessons for Kids That Parents Don't Have to Supervise

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