I like to keep up on trendy things just as much as the next person, but some of these trends need to die already!  I'm SO over it.  Let's see if we agree on these 10 trends of 2017 that seriously need to disappear!


Also, if you'd like to listen to The Rob, Maddie, and Ashley provide commentary for this list, click the video player below!



1) Looking Like a Kardashian
No disrespect to the Kardashians because obviously it works for them, but stop trying to emulate them! A lot of people are turning into walking lip kits and waist trainers! Be yourself. Be unique. That's the latest trend.

2) Crop Tops
I know that the crop top is one of those really nostalgic looks, but isn't it about time to let it go for another 20 years? Every time I open a magazine or shop for clothes I'm bombarded by crop tops! What's next? The scrunchie?

3) Round Fake Glasses
This isn't as big of a trend around here as it is in other places but people are actually wearing fake round glasses to accessorize. It's almost as bad as when unnaturally colored contacts were a thing.

4) Big Fake Butts
I like big butts and I cannot lie. Butts are awesome. We need butts. But your natural butt has to be better than the big fake butt implants that people are getting. They're also an unnecessary surgical risk. I should note that I'm all for plastic surgery for people if they believe it'll boost their confidence and improve their mental health, but don't go out and get a planet sized butt just to be trendy. You may regret it.

5) Describing things as "Unicorn" or "Mermaid"
I know that unicorns are unique and mermaids are beautiful and blah blah blah but stop saying you're a unicorn or that you have mermaid hair. Please. I hate to kill the magic but unicorns and mermaids aren't real. Live with it!

6) Septum Piercings
I know this will get mixed reviews but septum piercings are so overdone. I believe they're unique and were an awesome expression of individuality but now I see one almost every day. I don't see one anymore and think, "Oh that's unique." I think, "Oh, another one." Sorry, people. The septum piercing trend is coming to an end.

7) Anything "Deconstructed"
If I've learned anything from obsessively watching Chopped it's that a deconstructed dish is code for "I don't know how to make anything else because I'm not creative enough." This also applies for deconstructed clothes.  Why are people wearing shoulderless suits and unusual half-shirts?  Make a new garment. Don't cut one up and pretend it's art. *Rolls eyes* STAHHHP.

8) Exclusively Wearing Athletic Wear
Hello, men and women everywhere! While athletic wear is an awesome invention for working out, it's not something you're supposed to wear 24/7! There are other types of clothing available for your wearing pleasure.

9) Gin
I don't know why Americans have decided to go crazy all of a sudden and start drinking gin but this has to stop. Gin is gross. Even Gin knows it's gross. No more gin drinks! Not even gin and juice.

10) Telling People How To Exist
HAH! I broke one of my cardinal trend rules by making a list of telling you what not to do! I'm a rebel. Seriously though, I've noticed people recently telling other people how they should believe spiritually, believe politically, how to eat, dress, how to do their jobs even. Let me just say, tell me how to do my job when you're not my boss and see how well that goes over for you. Stop telling people how to live their lives and let them just exist! Let's all vibe together!

NOTE: This list is all in good fun. If there's something on this list you love or have or do, don't let my opinion stop you. I embrace anyone's right to do as they please as long as they're not harming others! Live long and prosper my friends! Oh, and laugh every once in a while too.

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