I have been trouble writing this one all day...The inner 13 year old boy keeps laughing at these Illinois town names. ESTATELY

Let's go across the country first with this childish behavior...Here are the dirtiest sounding names in the Good Ole USA!


Living in the Pee Pee Township, must be a fun one to write on an form you fill out.


So what about here in Illinois? As you can see in the graphic, "Boody" Illinois is the top lewd name, that's pretty funny. But what about the rest of the state?

  • Bone Gap
  • Bush
  • Chicken Bristle - This one, what in the world?
  • Chittyville
  • Diswood
  • Dongola
  • Ficklin
  • Honey Bend
  • Kumler
  • La Fox
  • Lick Creek

As an adult I still have trouble reading some of these, can you image growing up in these town and writing "Chittyville" on all of your school papers? How did the "Lick Creek" football team do last year?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

You know what, there really isn't one that you can blame the pronunciation on! Dongola is Dongola, there is no messing that one up.

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