If you are working at home right now, you are probably feeling the struggle of the fridge and the pantry just sitting there... within arm's reach! I have been mindlessly snacking and I can tell. So, it's officially time to rein myself in. I found some really tasty treats that you can eat and drink without guilt.

*I popped in the Target links - the Order Pickup option is really nice because they bring your order out to your car. I've been a fan before COVID-19 but right now it's essential to limit social interaction. But with grocery stores playing catch-up right now, some items might be limited.

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Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Okay, I don't need to tell you all the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies. They are amazing and most are totally guilt free! Just watch your sugars and dipping sauces! Here are some great mindless snackers.

Dried Fruit

Need a sweet snack? Enter apple chips. Packed with nutrients that we need including magnesium (which lowers stress) Dried fruit is simple and low in those crazy hard-to-pronounce ingredients. A great go-to. And they don't just have apple chips - they also offer strawberry banana, coconut pineapple, and even carrot chips!

Roasted Seaweed

Seaweed is nature's superfood. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants... And these little snacks are low in calories so mindlessly snack away!

Roasted Chickpeas

Y'all I have a confession. Every afternoon, while I watch Andy Beshear's updates I eat a handful of Dorito's. I am officially switching to the rockin' ranch chickpeas. Chickpeas have an impression nutrition profile. The protein and fiber in chickpeas has shown to slow appetite cravings. And they are perfect size and are fun to eat!

Sweet Potato Crackers

Sweet potatoes are nature's perfect food. And if you don't slather in butter and cinnamon sugar (I know, right) a whole sweet potatoes are a great snack! But if you want something crunchy and easy to eat, check out sweet potato crackers. Great for dipping in greek yogurt ranch or cinnamon sugar hummus.

Bean Chips

Speaking of fiber - beans beans, the magical fruit! Packed with protein and fiber, bean chips make the perfect snack for your afternoon date with your governor! Eat with some refried beans and cheese for an even bigger legume lift!


I don't think we have to talk about the health benefits of nuts but I was happy to find there are all kinds of new nut flavors! Sweet, salty, dilly, and fruity!


Need something crunchy that isn't loaded with fat and calories? Check out edamame. I love these as an appetizer but also a great snacking option. Since heart-healthy edamame are basically soybeans, they won't break the bank either!


Ok, disclaimer, you can't pop up those bags of microwave popcorn slathered with butter and call it healthy. Opt for air popped (use a brown paper bag and throw in 1/2 cup of popcorn kernals). Fold the opening down and then wet your hand and tap the water onto the sides of the bag. Microwave for three minutes or until the popcorn stop popping every two seconds. Top with nutritional yeast. Skinnypop is a great option too.


I know, this is a weird one. I would have said cucumbers but everyone would be like, ew fresh vegetables. Pickles are a great option because they add flavor without adding calories.

Sparkling Water

Let's turn our attention to drinks. It's easy to grab a soda or juice right now with it so readily available but there are some great healthy options. My current obsession is sparkling water. Waterloo is my favorite but everyone seems to have their own favorite! It's completely sugar free (no sweeteners at all) but you don't miss the sweet. The flavor is definitely there!

Flavor in Water

Need a little pick-me-up? I LOVE THESE! They are so so so good. And they add just the right amount of sweetness to your water and a little caffeine kick.


Missing your favorite coffee beverage? Though many coffee shops are still open for drive-thru and pick-up, you might need that morning java without leaving the house. Don't forget that you can get premade skinny options too. These are NOT guilt free but a better choice if you are counting calories. Made with reduced fat milk and real brewed Starbucks Espresso coffee.

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