Sunflowers are a big hit here in the Tri-State, but I feel like anyone who had these in their yard would stand out, hands down.

As you know, we have several sunflower patches here in the area. They really are a beautiful sight to see. During the summertime, everyone will flock to the sunflower patches to do a photo shoot to post on social media. However, I just found a sunflower product that would make you even more of a cooler social media influencer from the comfort of your own home.

Did you know that you can buy solar powered sunflower lights? These things look just like sunflowers, only a little smaller and they light up. I had no idea these were even a thing until some of my Facebook friends shared them in a post.

Amazon via Shengan
Amazon via Shengan

You can order these solar powered sunflower lights on Amazon in a pack of two. These sunflowers are made from a "tame fabric" that gives the appearance of a  real sunflower. They would be ideal lined up along your sidewalk or driveway. Day or night, they will surely make your yard stand out for the better.

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If you're not a huge fan of sunflowers but you like the idea of solar powered flowers like this, these aren't the only solar powered flower lights available on Amazon that you can put on display in your yard. You can also find solar powered Lilly, rose, orchid, and hydrangea lights as well. Take a look at the photos below to see these options and click on the link below each photo to learn how you can purchase them.

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You Can Buy Solar Powered Flower Lights for Your Yard


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