It seems like everywhere you go, you hear someone coughing. Granted it’s through a mask and muffles, but its still coughing. Just because somebody coughs, doesn't mean they have COVID-19., even though it seems like it. There are other illnesses and viruses out there.

I cough daily due to allergies. In fact, everyone in my family always has a slight cough. It'a a cough that just seems to linger on forever. I’ve had cough attacks before just because I have a tickle in the back of my throat. It was always so embarrassing sitting in the middle of a huge lecture hall at Indiana University. And the thing was, I didn’t really like the last of cough drops. Even the many like ones, left a weird toast in my mouth.

One of my very favorite people, in the whole wide world, Drew Hebner, and his mom, thought me a pretty amazing cough hack a coulee of years ago. Drew had been suffering with a non-stop, horrid, house rattling, gagging, nasty cough. I'm quoting his mom, Crystal. A friend of hers told her to give him some marshmallows to help stop the cough. What?!?! Marshmallows? No way.

Yes, way. A couple of years ago, Crystal posted this on her FB page and stated that she was a believer because Drew slept quietly, with no cough, that whole night.

I guess there is something to it. After researching marshmallows and a cough, I found that marshmallow root can actually help your body with a cough and many other things, too.

Well, kids love marshmallows. So, the next time you go to the grocery store, stock up. They are so much better than a cough drop.

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