Here's something fun, and different for you during this Halloween season. You can literally hunt down killer clowns with gel blaster guns in the middle of the woods.

French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games host "survival style"  games that are fun for all ages. A couple of years back, they introduced an event for Halloween season where you could hunt down killer clowns in the woods. They recently announced that the Killer Clown Takedown will return in 2022. According to their website:

You and a group of your friends and family are given Gel Blaster Guns. You head out into the moonlit woods and hunt... US! Yes, you get to hunt down actual people for a suspenseful one of a kind experience! We have multiple game types and difficulties, and we are always expanding our arsenal of entertainment.

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2022 Killer Clown Takedown in French Lick

Every night in October and November you are given the opportunity to hunt and take down killer clowns that have "plagued the forest for years"...if you are brave enough to venture into the woods. Growing up, I can remember having paintball wars, and they were a blast. Gel blaster guns are pretty similar to paintballs, so it's the same concept. Adding this twist to the game with the "killer clowns" makes it intriguing, and for some, scary. If you know someone with a fear of clowns, this might be their worst nightmare...but then again, it could help them get over their fear of clowns.

You might be wondering if the clowns actually chase you around in these woods. Well, that all depends on the type of game you choose to play. French Lick Manhunt And Survival Games has several games and difficulty levels for each game. Here are the three options you have when it comes to hunting down the killer clowns:


<p>Two clowns go into the woods, you grab your Gel Blasters and track them down as they try to run and hide. There are 4 different difficulties.</p><p>Easy- They stay in easy to get to areas. They will occasionally flash lights, and make noise to give you an idea where they are.</p><p>Medium- Same as easy but no lights.</p><p>Hard- No clues. Hard but not impossible. Play this one for a challenge.</p><p>Expert- Good luck.</p>

Moonlight Rancid Clowns

scary evil clown in the woods at night
<p>The two clowns you are hunting have become Rancid Clowns. They hunt you back, trying to sneak around and get you out!</p><p>Easy - They are trying to stab you with our "special" knives.</p><p>Medium - They are armed with slingshots, shooting mini paintballs back at you.</p><p>Hard - They are armed with the same Gel Blasters you have.</p>

Woods War

Crazy ugly grunge evil clown on Halloween making people scared
Your group splits into multiple teams with one of the clowns on each team, or the clowns on our own separate team. Each team tries to eliminate the other. This games difficulty is only determined by how you play.

If it's me playing, I say go big or go home! Give me the rancid clowns and let's have at it...even though I would probably be the first one eliminated from the game.


You can book appointments now through November 14th by calling or texting 812-666-6859 or 812-653-5313.  These hunts run in two-hour and five-hour time slots, and you must have a group of five minimum for the hunts. For more information on pricing and how it works, you can click here!

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