You know the phrase “Too many cooks spoil the broth“? Tonight’s opening ‘X Factor‘ performance, featuring the finalists as well as everyone’s favorite cast offs, may give credence to “Too many singers spoil the song.”

The group performed Lady Gaga‘s hit, ‘Edge of Glory.’ Intensity opened the track. Paula Abdul‘s erstwhile group alone made the stage look crowded. While the members of Intensity are talented for their ages, when they’re on stage with the rest of the cast, it’s clear they need to grow, mature and perfect their pitches before they can begin to hold a candle to their cohorts.

Stereo Hogzz were a bright spot and a welcome comeback — we just wish their cameo lasted longer, because their vocals and dancing never disappoint. They had one to two lines before succumbing their spotlight to Stacy Francis, who held her own for her allotted, brief time.

Lakoda Rayne were up next. The beautiful country pop girl group reminded us why they got cast off. Simon Cowell once said it was because they were too pretty (and they are lovely to look at) — but based on their performance tonight, it may well just be because America realized they can’t sing as well as their peers. Leroy Bell‘s vocals were quality, but his appearance so brief that it was easy to miss if you blinked for slightly too long.

Astro inserted his predictably energetic and enthusiastic rap into the track next, before making way for a newly-brunette Drew. Drew looked stunning, but her vocals not only didn’t do her justice, they were also too brief. The always-adorable Rachel Crow was next, and she looked much happier than the last time she graced the stage — but didn’t sound as great as usual.

Marcus Canty was the final eliminated cast member to make an appearance, and he demonstrated why he lasted as long as he did in the competition — the man can sing, and his stage presence was palpable.

The final three emerged last, and their performances were surprisingly subdued. Josh Krajcik looked nervous, his eyes darting back and forth. Powerhouse Melanie Amaro looked a bit bored. Chris Rene was the only one who seemed both relaxed and happy to be there in the moment.

At the conclusion of the performance, Cowell gave his commentary. “Looking up there, there’s more than one star.” He was right, but the some of the stars (Stereo Hogzz, Canty, Drew and the finalists) deserved more time to shine. Considering that the opening ensemble performances are notoriously lip synced to backing tracks, if this is the best some of them could do, the cast — and the cast offs — were far from the ‘Edge of Glory’ and much closer to being on the edge of disaster.

Watch the Final 12 Perform ‘The Edge of Glory’ on the ‘X Factor’ Finale

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