The swift ascent of "Drag Me Down" up the iTunes charts is proof of One Direction's pop power, but record exec Simon Cowell is ready to find a new act that will blow 1D out of the water.

X Factor, which will return to the United Kingdom on August 29, explores the secrets to the show's winning formula in a jokey Season 12 promo released today (August 3). Though One Direction, who were Season 7 contestants, have certainly done the competition justice, Cowell won't rest until they're distant memories.

"I've already found this year's winner: It's a group," Cowell says. "Girls are gonna love them, boys are gonna love them—bigger than One Direction." It bears mentioning that the judge is referencing a couple of singing animals, but far be it from us to question his authority...

Also in the clip: the introduction of Rita Ora, who will appear as a judge for the first time this season. Here, though, she seems too fascinated by her own appearance to pay new talent any mind.

"You're amazing—you're the whole package," she insists to a compact mirror before blowing it a kiss.

Oh, and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has multiplied into a fleet of empathetic robots who say "I know exactly what you're going through." Because why not!

Check out the promo, and if you're in the United Kingdom, hang tight for the premiere later this month.

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