Full confession.  And, yes, it's going to be way TMI.  Public restrooms gross me out.  I think urinals are disgusting and I always seek out a stall.  Also, I only do #1 in public and would never, in a million years, dream of doing #2.  The last time these cheeks were on public porcelain was back in the summer of 1997 in Los Angeles, California.  True story.

All that said, I am also painfully potty shy.  I don't want an audience.  I want "me" time.  I have great difficulty performing under pressure.  Using the restroom, for me, is a private matter so there's often discord (and discomfort) when that private matter has to take place in a public setting.

And, speaking of which, that setting doesn't get more "public" than this.  Tokyo has just unveiled a line of transparent toilets.  See, in Japan, public restrooms are thought of in much the same way I think of them.  People think they're gross, smelly and scary.  So, the Nippon Foundation (read more about the foundation and this project below), launched the "Tokyo Toilet Project."  They inspired the creation of transparent toilets, which allow users to see inside them before they walk in to pop that squat.  And, magically, when you walk into the stall and lock the door, the glass fogs up so no one can watch you do your business inside.

Whoa!!  What???  Here's a look at how they work.

Okay, so I have to know your thoughts?  Would you be able to perform under this kind of pressure?  LOL!

If you want more information about the Tokyo Toilet Project and to see more photos, CLICK HERE!

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