Willow Smith, the silver-spooned off-spring of Will and Jada Smith has decided to GO GREEN...green HAIR that is! The 11-year-old child star has always been know for "whipping" wild hair-do's and this time is no different. She transitioned from the blonde locks to a chartreuse (green), woody woodpecker-ish style. REALLY?

The last time I gave my 8-year-old his haircut, right in the middle of the process, he asked if I could leave it in a MOHAWK style? I told him, "Son, when you're on your on, you can cut your hair ANY way you want, but for right NOW, you're getting a fade!"

When I was teenager back in the 90's, I had my fair share of weird hair cuts. I had a fluffy afro, a BALD head, the Bobby Brown, the Gumby, cornrows, and even my name shaved into the back of my hair. All to my mother's chagrin I might add!

I realize that being in the spotlight sometimes requires artists to add a little more flash to their appearance, but GREEN Willow,REALLY?!? Will their ever be a point at which Will and Jada step up and say, "No, you are NOT doing THAT!"?

What's the wierdest hair-do you've ever had? If you have any pictures of the disastrous-do, send them to us and I might just post them here!