Since the announcement of the release of the new iPad3HD, many consumers have mixed feeling about their new iPad 2 purchases. While some are upset that they didn't wait that extra few day to save $100 bucks or just wait for the new iPad 3, other feel that the upgrades made on the iPad 3 aren't worth chucking out their 2's just to get a 3.

The new iPad 3 features a super-high resolution screen, a faster processor, and a better camera, but unless you're just one of those people who HAS to have the new tech the moment it comes out, I would wait until the price comes down a few HUNDRED bucks!

Some have even suggested that you might as well get a MacBook Pro if you need THAT much computing power on the go. What do you think? Is the new iPad3 HD worth the price? Cast your vote in the poll below...


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