Bookstores — they're not just for books anymore.

When I graduated from USI in 2001, the only things you could buy at the bookstore that wasn't books were calculators, pens, pencils, etc. Outside of purchasing actual textbooks, I was a frequent visitor of the Cliff Notes™ section so I could get the quick version of a book I was supposed to read and be tested on...uh...I mean I read every book thoroughly in an effort to educate myself and become a more productive member of society, because, you know, The Iliad has really come in handy in my job on the RADIO (sarcasm completely intended).

As the saying goes, "the times, they are a-changin'". In an interview with the Evansville Courier and Press, USI vice president of finance and administration, Mark Rozewski said the west side university was "probably a month, or two or three away" from the store opening on campus.

Students have been able to purchase Apple™ products through the Apple website and receive a student discount for some time, but had to wait for their order to show up in the mail a few days later. Having a store on campus will give them the opportunity to get the same products for the same price and be able to walk out the door with them, according to Rozewski. Meaning they'll be able to use them as a tool for furthering their education sooner — in between games of Song Pop.

What I find to be pretty sweet is the fact that the store will be open to the general public, meaning that you or I will also be able to shop there too. Yay! But we won't get the student discount. Boo.

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