Free Electronics Recycling Week in Evansville Begins November 18th
Have an old computer fried by a virus years ago sitting in the basement collecting dust? Maybe there's an old TV in the garage that won't work anymore because it's not compatible with the "digital switch" enacted a few years back? Whatever the case, here's you're chance to recycle those old technological relics of days gone by.
Kid Dancing In The Mall With An IPod [VIDEO]
This is hilarious! How many times have you had your headphones in, and were dancing around or even just bobbing your head? The people around you have absolutely no idea what you're doing!! Watch this kid make his way through a shopping mall while he rocks out to All I Want For Christmas Is You...
Cleaning Out CD’s Marks End of an Era
There was a time in my life when it seemed like I was buying at least one CD a week. That was also a time in my life when I still lived at home, wasn't married, and didn't have 2 kids to take care of. Outside of a vehicle payment, gas to make it go, and insurance, I had money to burn and I chose to burn that money on fast food, video games, and CD's. At one point I had somewhere in the neighborhoo