Play it once, and you'll play it all day. Goodbye productivity!

I learned about Flight! through the USA Today app on my iPad. Their "Tech" section featured an article with app suggestions for those who received a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas. Being a fan of the physics based puzzle apps, I gave it shot. It's free for a limited time, so I had nothing to lose in the event it turned out to be terrible.

I was a bit caught off guard by the story line at first. A cut scene depicts a little girl looking out her window into an apartment next door. A woman stands in the apartment with a gift behind her back to give to her daughter. As the little girl watches the mother and daughter interact, she frowns then writes a note to Santa asking to let her see her Mommy for Christmas. She folds the note into a standard paper airplane and throws it out the window. Kind of a sad way to start a game, I thought.

Now it's up to you to help get the airplane message where it needs to go. To do that, simply place your finger on the plane and give it a good swipe to the right. As the plane flies, you'll collect starts worth $5.00 each that will allow you to buy upgrades for your plane including new models, making them more aerodynamic, adding additional power to your swipes, and the ability to control the plane by tilting your mobile device.

Flight App - Game Play
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As you fly the plane through the air, you'll also see red origami birds. Touching these doubles the value of the stars for a short amount of time giving you more money to buy stuff. Also available are gold stars that give you an extra fling forward when you touch them, and blue pinwheels on the ground that push you forward for a few more meters if you touch them as your plane heads toward the ground. You'll also have the wind to either assist or hinder your flight as you get deeper into the game.

Flight! is simple game to play, and that's what makes it so appealing. You'll find yourself trying to outdo your previous distance time and time again.

Flight! is free to download for a limited time only on the App Store and Google Play for Android.

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