Fourteen months ago Maddie and I were doing a broadcast at the Warrick Humane Society.  We met a dog named Lance, and Lance struck me in a very profound way.  For starters, he was older than most dogs at shelters, about 13.  He had a very memorable head; it was always cocked in a turned position like he was injured, but from what WHS told me, it didn't hurt him.  He was very kind, and he was actually adopted out by Warrick TWELVE years earlier.  It's very uncommon for a pet to be returned TWELVE years after they've been a part of a family.  The owners loved Lance, but had to move into a facility that wouldn't allow pets (I believe it was a nursing home, but I might be wrong about that part).  Lance was dropped off with his brother, Sugar, a Pomeranian about the same age whom he had spent pretty much his whole life with.  Their adoption fees had been paid for by the previous owners, who really just wanted to make sure their animals wound up in a good home.

Photo: Ashley S.
Photo: Ashley S.

No dog LIKES being in a shelter.  While Warrick takes great care of their animals, they'd obviously much rather be in a home that loves them, like Lance and Sugar were for their entire lives.  Lance was not taking to shelter life very well, and when his brother Sugar found a home rather quickly, Lance was noticeably heartbroken.  You can see for yourself in this video shot last May.


Lance struck me so profoundly I actually almost adopted him myself.  I talked with my wife about how realistic it was for us to bring a senior dog into our household, which already had two dogs at the time.  Thankfully not too long after that, Lance also found his fur-ever home.  And that's where things stayed for the next year or so.  Fast-forward to YESTERDAY.  For reasons that were no fault of his own, Sugar was returned to the Warrick Humane Society...  And they knew what they had to do.


They called the wonderful people who adopted Lance, and brought these long lost brothers together for a REUNION!!!  They were ELATED to see one another and seemed to definitely remember the other.  Sugar especially was relieved to see his best friend, and his tail reportedly wouldn't stop wagging!  But that's not all...


Lance's parents agreed to take in his best friend and brother, Sugar!  And as they say perfectly in their Facebook post, "We’re so happy to know that they will live out the rest of their lives together under one roof"

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