Last week I posted a poll because of a debate I was having my fiance.  I asked you in the audience to vote to help choose which of two photos is there ugliest picture of me ever taken.  In case you missed it, there were two choices.


This green-shirted masterpiece was me in tenth grade.  I believe this to be mankind's worst photograph ever taken.

The Hirschbuhl Collection


By comparison, I'm almost proud of the year before's back to school photo.  Brittany feels though that THIS photo of me (with the black shirt) is actually worse.  She's engaged to ME though, so her judgment can't be trusted


The Hirschbuhl Collection




As requested, you guys voted!  And while I'm not surprised which photo won, I am surprised at how close the poll was.  Here are the official results:

The Hirschbuhl Collection



By a margin of only 53.7%, TENTH GRADE SLOB, I mean "ROB" won!  (If by "winning" you mean being the ugliest.)  I can't believe there was anybody out there who disagreed, but thanks for voting.