No matter where you live, every city in the world has its drawbacks, but if there was ONE thing that would make you LEAVE Evansville, what would it be? As many of you already know, I myself am not originally from Evansville. My family and I moved her from Chicago around 17 years ago when the gun-violence and murder rate skyrocketed. At that time I felt enough was enough and decided to move.

Some people however, will refuse to move no matter how bad thing get. Take for instance the victims of the hurricanes that have ravaged the southern states over the past decade. Despite all of the warning from the weather service and the local and national governments, come residents refused to leave there homes, for fear of either losing their stuff to looter, or more likely being too afraid to uproot themselves and start over somewhere new.

I've noticed that while Evansville is continuing to grow, so has the cost of housing, food, gas, and  the number of violent incidents that have been happening around town. Just the other day someone shot another man at a bingo game, while someone else robbed a bank.

I remember when we had that bad flooding from the Ohio river a few years back. I remember thinking that that might have been the signal for us to leave Evansville as I watched the water rise up past my car door and almost all the way up to my front door! Luckily the water receded before it got too bad and we decided to stay.

So I wondered, if there was ONE thing that would make YOU leave Evansville, what would it be? Comment Below

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