Remember WAY back in the day, like two years ago in 2016, when the Schnucks at Green River Rd. & Washington Ave. was just one block down on Washington Ave.?  Those were the good ol' days, weren't they?  Well now there is a big empty building residing in that former Schnuck's grocery store.  It appears as if now we have some idea what will be going into that huge lot on Washington & Hebron!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Evansville411 reported in a post on their Facebook page that the lot has been purchased by business partners Tyler Hinds and Dilip Patel.  They're planning on revamping the entire complex and renaming it "Washington Plaza."  They claim that the plaza will be used for offices, restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses along those lines.


No specific businesses have been announced for the upcoming Washington Plaza, nor has a timetable for the project been released.  We will share any more details we get on the lot at Washington & Hebron near Green River Road when we get them!


Also, LET US KNOW what businesses YOU would like to see occupy the forthcoming Washington Plaza!

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